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Undergraduate Degree

What is undergraduate?

The definition of undergraduate means post-secondary education previous to the postgraduate education.

What is an undergraduate degree?

An under graduate degree is an academic degree received by a person who has studied between 2 and 4 years and has completed undergraduate courses.

Other synonyms of undergraduate degrees with the same meaning and definition would be: first degree, bachelor’s degree or degree, would be used depending on where you live. Undergraduate courses are taken at an institution of higher education, a college or university.

The degree programs are different from one school or university to another but you usually have to complete a series of credits to obtain your degree. Within the undergraduate you can choose from many subjects from: languages, business, health, history, etc.

These degrees are a great help in the labour market since people who complete an undegraduate degree are more likely to find a good job with a good economic remuneration than if they only have a high school diploma.

What types of undergraduate degrees are there?

There are two types of undegraduate degree:

Associate´s degree: AA degree, AS degree and AAS degree.
Bachelor´s degree: BA degree, BS degree and BAS degree.

What are the differences between the under graduate degrees of associate´s degree and bachelor´s degree?

The two major differences between bachelor´s and associate´s are in the length of the years of study and in the level of specialisation obtained at the end of the courses.

Associate´s degree: usually 2 years of full-time training for an undergraduate level. Completing the course associate´s may allow access to a bachelor´s degree depending on the university or college, many credits are computable.

Bachelor´s degree: usually 4 or 5 years of full-time training. The bachelors programs are much more specialized than the associates programs in certain areas so laborally the bachelor degree is better qualified than the associate degree.

What are the best undegradute degrees?

List with the top ten of the best undergraduate degrees:

  • under graduate degrees in law
  • undergraduate degree cyber security
  • undergraduate degrees in business
  • under graduate degree in psychology
  • undergraduate degrees for physical therapy
  • undergraduate degree for occupational therapist
  • under graduate degrees for nursing
  • undergraduate degree in social work
  • undergraduate degrees in medicine
  • under graduate degree in education

What is the difference between an undergraduate and a graduate degree?

An under graduate degree is the next degree that post-secondary students receive and a graduate degree is a title that students pursue after earning a bachelor’s degree (a type of undergraduate).

A graduate or postgraduate degree can be of two types: Master´s degree or Doctorate degree (Ph.D.).


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