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Postgraduate Degree

What is postgraduate?

The definition of postgraduate is a higher academic level than that of undergraduate. Graduate, post grand means the same as posgraduate and is also used to refer to postgraduate education.

Other synonyms of postgraduate education with the same meaning and definition would be: graduate education, graduate school, postgraduate school, post grand or grand school, would be used depending on where you live.

Graduate vs post graduate degree:

In the United States, graduate or post graduate degree means to study for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional certificates, academic or professional diplomas for which a first or bachelor’s degree is generally required.

In other countries the postgraduate education is different so comes the confusion of postgraduate and graduate terms. If you are going to study abroad, you must be properly informed about the programs, courses or levels you are going to take.

What is postgraduate degree?

A postgraduate degree (graduate degree) is an academic title that students earn when they have completed their bachelor.

Normally, it is necessary to have completed a bachelor’s degree before doing a posgraduate degree (although there may be exceptions).

What types of posgraduate degree are there?

There are three types of posgraduate degree:

  1. Masters degree: ma degree, ms degree.
  2. Doctorate degree: research doctorates: (PHD degree) and professional doctorates (professional degree).
  3. Specialist degree.

What are the differences between the posgraduate degree of masters degree, doctoral (phd) degree, specialist degree and MBA?

MBA degree and specialist degree are shorter, more practical and more personalized and focused on course content. They are specialized programs to broaden your knowledge in a very specific field.

For example the MBA (specialization in the area of Administration and Business).

However the doctorate and the master are more extensive in time and in the subjects, they are very good programs if you want to extend your competences in that field, in addition once finished with the doctorate or the master you will be able to work as a researcher or university professor.

What are the best post graduate degree?

List with the top ten of the best post graduate degree:

  • postgraduate degree in nursing.
  • postgraduate degree in law.
  • post graduate degree in education.
  • postgraduate degree in psychology.
  • postgraduate degree in social work.
  • post graduate engineering degree.
  • postgraduate degree journalism.
  • postgraduate degree in public health.
  • post graduate degree in computer science.
  • posgraduate degree in medicine.

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