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Undergraduate degree abbreviations

Associate’s degree abbreviations

  • F.R.Eng. degree: First year engineering.

  • AA degree or A.A. degree: Associate of Arts.

  • AS degree or A.S. degree: Associate of Science.

  • BEP degree: Brevet d’études professionnelles (France).

  • CAP degree: Certificat d’aptitude professionnelle (France).

  • Dip.Arts degree: Diploma of Arts.

  • Dip.Lang.Stud. degree: Diploma of Language Studies.

  • Dip.Lang degree: Diploma of Languages.

  • Dip.Soc.Sc. degree: Diploma of Social Sciences.

  • Dip.Ed degree: Diploma of Education.

  • Dip.Mus. degree: Diploma of Music.

Bachelor’s degree abbreviations

  • BA degree, B.A. degree, AB degree, A.B. degree or B.Arts degree: Bachelor of Arts.

  • BSA degree: Bachelor of Science And Arts.

  • BAcy degree or B.Acy: degree. Bachelor of Accountancy.

  • BAcc degree or B.Acc. degree: Bachelor of Accounting.

  • B.An.Vet.Bio.Sc. degree: Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience.

  • B.App.Sc. degree or B.A.Sc. degree: Bachelor of Applied Science.

  • BArch degree or B.Arch. degree: Bachelor of Architecture.

  • BBA degree or B.B.A. degree: Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • BCE degree or B.C.E. degree: Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

  • BComm degree or B.Comm. degree, or BCom degree or B.Com. degree: Bachelor of Commerce.

  • B.Comm. degree: Bachelor of Communications.

  • BCA degree: Bachelor of Computer Application.

  • BDH degree or B.D.H degree: Bachelor of Dental Hygiene.

  • BDM degree or B.D.M. degree. Bachelor of Dental Medicine.

  • BDSc degree or B.D.Sc. degree. Bachelor of Dental Science.

  • BDS degree or B.D.S. degree; or BChD degree or B.Ch.D. degree. Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

  • BDent degree or B.Dent. degree. Bachelor of Dentistry.

  • BDes degree or B.Des. degree. Bachelor of Design.

  • B.Des.Comp. degree. Bachelor of Design Computing.

  • B.Des.Arch. degree. Bachelor of Design in Architecture.

  • BEd degree or B.Ed. degree. Bachelor of Education.

  • BEng degree or B.Eng. degree, or BE degree or B.E degree. Bachelor of Engineering.

  • BEC degree or B.E-COM. degree. Bachelor of Electronic Commerce.

  • BEE degree or B.E.E. degree. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

  • BFA degree or B.F.A. degree. Bachelor of Fine Arts.

  • B.Hlth.Sci degree. Bachelor of Health Sciences.

  • BIT degree or B.I.T. degree. Bachelor of Information Technology.

  • BIGS degree or B.I.G.S. degree. Bachelor of International and Global Studies.

  • LLB degree or LL.B. degree. Bachelor of Law.

  • BLAS degree or B.L.A.S. degree. Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  • BLib degree or B.Lib. degree, or BLS degree or B.L.S. degree. Bachelor of Library Science.

  • BLit degree or B.Lit. degree. Bachelor of Literature.

  • BMath degree or B.Math degree. Bachelor of Mathematics.

  • BME degree or B.M.E. degree. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

  • B.Med.Sc. degree. Bachelor of Medical Science.

  • MB degree or M.B. degree. Bachelor of Medicine.

  • B.M. degree. Bachelor of Music.

  • B.Mus.Studies degree. Bachelor of Music Studies.

  • BN degree or B.N. degree. Bachelor of Nursing.

  • B.Pharm. degree. Bachelor of Pharmacy.

  • B.P.E.S.S. degree. Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences.

  • B.Res.Ec. degree. Bachelor of Resource Economics.

  • BS degree or B.S. degree; BSc or B.Sc. degree. Bachelor of Science.

  • BSDH degree or B.S.D.H degree. Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

  • BS.EOH degree. Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Occupational Health.

  • BSN degree. Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

  • BSLS degree or B.S.L.S. degree. Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies.

  • BS degree or B.S. degree. Bachelor of Surgery.

  • BTech degree or B.Tech. degree. Bachelor of Technology.

  • B.V.Sc. degree. Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

  • BVA degree or B.V.A. degree. Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Postgraduate degree abbreviations

Master’s degree abbreviations

  • M.Arch. degree , M.S. degree Master of Architecture (Professional Degree) or Master of Science in Architecture (Research Degree).

  • MA degree, M.A. degree or A.M. degree Master of Arts.

  • MBA degree or M.B.A. degree Master of Business Administration.

  • MCom degree or M.Com degree Master of Commerce.

  • MCA degree Master of Computer Application.

  • MDiv degree or M.Div. degree Master of Divinity.

  • M.Ed., M.S.Ed., or MSEd. degree Master of Education (Master of Science in Education).

  • MEM degree or M.E.M. degree Master of Emergency Management.

  • MEDM degree or M.E.D.M. degree Master of Emergency and Disaster Management.

  • MFA degree or M.F.A. degree Master of Fine Arts.

  • MIA degree or M.I.A. degree Master of International Affairs.

  • MIS degree or M.I.S. degree Master of International Studies.

  • LLM degree or LL.M. degree Master of Laws.

  • MLS degree Master of Library Science.

  • MLA degree Master of Liberal Arts.

  • MLIS degree Master of Library and Information Science.

  • M.M. degree Master of Music.

  • MPS degree Master of Professional Studies.

  • MPA degree or M.P.A. degree Master of Public Administration.

  • MPH degree or M.P.H. degree Master of Public Health.

  • MS degree or M.S. degree; MSc degree or M.Sc. degree Master of Science.

  • MSI degree or M.S.I. degree Master of Science in Information.

  • MSW degree or M.S.W. degree Master of Social Work.

  • MSF degree or M.S.F. degree Master of Strategic Foresight.

  • MTech degree or M.Tech. degree Master of Technology.

  • ThM degree or Th.M. degree Master of Theology.

Doctorate’s degree abbreviations

  • DAc degree or D.Ac. degree or DAc. degree Doctor of Acupuncture.

  • AuD degree or Au.D. degree Doctor of Audiology.

  • DC degree or D.C. degree Doctor of Chiropractic.

  • DDS degree or D.D.S. degree Doctor of Dental Surgery.

  • DD degree or D.D. degree Doctor of Divinity.

  • EdD degree or Ed.D. degree Doctor of Education.

  • JD degree or J.D. degree Doctor of Jurisprudence (Juris Doctor).

  • LP.D. degree or DLP degree Doctor of Law and Policy.

  • DMD degree or D.M.D. degree Doctor of Medical Dentistry.

  • MD degree or M.D. degree Doctor of Medicine.

  • DMin degree Doctor of Ministry.

  • Dr. mph. degree Doctor of Metaphysics.

  • D.M.A. degree Doctor of Musical Arts.

  • ND degree or N.D. degree Doctor of Naturopathy.

  • DNP degree or D.N.P. degree Doctor of Nursing Practice.

  • OD degree or O.D. degree Doctor of Optometry.

  • DO degree or D.O. degree Doctor of Osteopathy.

  • PharmD or Pharm.D. Doctor of Pharmacy.

  • PhD, Ph.D., DPhil, D.Phil., DPh or D.Ph. degree Doctor of Philosophy.

  • DPT degree or D.P.T. degree Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • DPT degree or D.P.T. degree Doctor of Practical Theology.

  • PsyD degree or Psy.D. degree Doctor of Psychology.

  • DrPH degree Doctor of Public Health.

  • Dr. sc. rel. degree or D.R.S. degree Doctor of Religious Sciences.

  • DSc Degree , D.Sc. degree or ScD degree Doctor of Science.

  • D.Th. Degree , Th.D. degree or ThD degree Doctor of Theology.

  • DVM degree or D.V.M. degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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