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Specialists Degree

What specialist means?

The definition of specialist is a person who has profound knowledge in a particular branch of science, technique or art or in a particular field of a profession or activity.

Synonyms of specialist are: knowledgeable, expert, studious, connoisseur and technical.

What is specialists degree?

A specialist degree is a postgraduate academic degree most common within the education. The Specialist’s degree is above the Master’s degree and below the Doctorate.

The Specialists in Education (Ed.S.) and Specialists in Psychology (Psy.S.) degree programs are the most common and allow professionals to broaden their studies in a specific area of interest such as leadership and counseling.

What types of specialist degrees are there?

The most common specialization programs are of 2 types: Education Specialist (Ed.S. degree) and Psychology Specialist (Psy.S. degree), and are often available, as the type of degree program suggests, as a specialization within education or psychology.

What is eds degree?

Eds degree is the abbreviation of Specialist of Education. The Education Specialist, Educational Specialist or Specialist in Education (Ed.S. or S.Ed.), is a specialist degree in education and terminal professional degree. This degree is above master’s degree and requires 60 hours of graduate study.

These are highly specialized programs in fields such as: educational leadership, professional counseling, teaching and learning, curriculum and Instruction, training and development,
special education and adult education.

What is psys degree?

Psys degree is the abbreviation of Specialist in Psychology. The Specialist in Psychology (PsyS or Psy.S.) is a post-masters specialist degree in psychology, and is usually specialized in school psychology.

This degree is two years of coursework encompassing also a clinical practice and is often the first part of a four-year PsyD degree. The PsyD is a degree specialized in clinical psychology training, unlike the doctorate (PhD) which is more research-based.

How Many Credits needed for specialist’s degree?

Usually, a specialist’s program need 30 semester hours or 45 quarterly hours beyond the Master’s degree (60 semester hours or 90 quarterly hours beyond the Baccalaureate degree) and may be completed in one to three academic years on a full-time or part-time basis.

Depending on the program, internships or fieldwork may be required.The coursework for an Ed.S. or Sp.A. in Education program is approximately the same workload as a second Master’s in terms of credits.

How many years for a specialist degree?

The specialist degree is a five-year program, the first two or three years with a master’s degree and the last two with a specialist degree. In total, the degree includes three or four years of study (including internship) and one year of internship.

The student must complete the specialist’s program and meet all requirements to obtain the degree.

What are the most common specialists degree?

Ranking of the most common specialist degrees with their abbreviations:

  • Specialist of Education: (Ed.S) or (Sp.Ed.).
  • Specialist in Psychology: (Psy.S.).
  • Specialists in School Psychology: (S.S.P.).
  • Specialist in Arts: (Sp.A.).
  • Specialists in Community College Teaching: (S.C.C.T.).
  • Specialist in Library and Information Science: (S.L.I.S.).

What are the best specialists degree?

The best and most demanded specialists degree to find work are:

  • specialist’s degree in education.
  • specialist’s degree in school psychology.
  • specialists degree in special education.
  • specialist’s degree in reading.
  • specialists degree in psychology.
  • specialist’s degree in school counseling.
  • specialist degree in curriculum and instruction.
  • specialist degree in educational leadership.

What comes after the specialists degree?

The specialists degree follows a master’s degree but precedes a doctorate. So, after a specialist degree comes a doctorate.

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